New Price list of Kfc Menu in india

New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image

Kfc serves many delicious food menus for its Indian customers. KFC offers Snacks, Burgers, Wraps, Chicken, Rice, Desserts & Krushers in its stores. KFC introduce some new items such as Veg Longer, Smoky Grilled etc. You may find many Kfc stores in India city by city & almost all have same menu with different offers. Below is the common price list for Kfc menu in India. Price are almost same within most cities but there is slightly difference in price between some cities in India. Order Online with these price list.


ImageProduct NameCategoryPrice
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image6pc Smoky WingsChicken Rs.165
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image15 Pc Smoky Grilled WingsChicken Rs.349
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image15 Smoky Wings & 2 Pepsi CanChicken Rs.399
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageHalf n HalfChicken Rs.449
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageHalf n Half MealChicken Rs.599
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageDips Bucket – 12 Pcs*Chicken Rs.479
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageTriple TreatChicken Rs.599
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChick & ShareChicken Rs.365
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChick & Share Bucket + 3 PepsiChicken Rs.445
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image8 Pc Hot & Crispy*Chicken Rs.630
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image6 Pc Hot & Crispy*Chicken Rs.525
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image4 Pc Hot & Crispy*Chicken Rs.345
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image2 Pc Hot & Crispy*Chicken Rs.179
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image8 Pc Smoky GrilledChicken Rs.630
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image6 Pc Smoky GrilledChicken Rs.525
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image4 Pc Smoky GrilledChicken Rs.345
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageFriendship BucketChicken Rs.585
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageSmoky Duo Bucket MealChicken Rs.465
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageDuo Bucket MealChicken Rs.449
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageMingles Bucket*Chicken Rs.229
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image5 in 1 Zinger BoxBurgers Rs.209
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChicken ZingerBurgers Rs.140
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageVeg ZingerBurgers Rs.125
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageSmoky Wings Rice BowlRice Bowlz Rs.150
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageSmoky Wings Rice Bowl & PepsiRice Bowlz Rs.199
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageSmoky Rice Bowl.Rice Bowlz Rs.149
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChicken Rice Bowl.Rice Bowlz Rs.120
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageVeg Rice Bowl*Rice Bowlz Rs.120
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image5 in 1 – Rice BoxRice Bowlz Rs.209
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageSmoky Rice Bowl & Pepsi.Rice Bowlz Rs.185
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChicken Rice Bowl & Pepsi.Rice Bowlz Rs.155
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageVeg Rice Bowl & PepsiRice Bowlz Rs.155
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image3 Pc Boneless Strips*Snacks Rs.120
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image6 Pc Boneless Strips*Snacks Rs.205
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image4pc Hot Wings*Snacks Rs.120
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image2 Pc Hot & Crispy*Snacks Rs.179
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image4 Pc Hot & Crispy*Snacks Rs.345
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image1 Pc Hot & Crispy*Snacks Rs.95
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageLarge PopcornSnacks Rs.180
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image2 Pc Smoky GrilledSnacks Rs.179
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image4 Pc Veg Strips*Snacks Rs.110
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India Image1 Pc Smoky GrilledSnacks Rs.95
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageStrawberry SwirlBeverages Rs.125
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageChoco LashBeverages Rs.125
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImageAlphonso BurstBeverages Rs.119
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImagePepsi.Beverages Rs.60
New-Price-list-of-Kfc-Menu-in-India ImagePepsi CanBeverages Rs.25

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Shopclues Brings Maha Bharat Diwali Sale

Shopclues Brings Maha Bharat Diwali Sale!!

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Shopclues Maha Bharat Diwali Sale starts from 20th Sept to 28th Sept 2017.

Shopcluse also join the Diwali party with Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal. This is first time happen when all the ecommerce jaints are starting there sale at once on same weak. But Shopcluse is the only one with offer continue to nine days. Shopcluse give the maximum discount on all categories and on every 6 hours new deal open.
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Amazon-great-indian-festival-1024x205 Image

Amazon brings best ever festival sale this time from 21th Sept to 24th Sept.

In this festival sale Amazon gives discount on Mobiles, Electronics, Home & Kitchen and Amazon fashion.
Amazon provides more then 40,000 offers across 4 days and new deals every hour. There are special early offers for amazon prime members. No EMI cost and 10% cashback on HDFC debit/credit cards. This time Amazon have “AMAZON APP JACKPOT” price worth over Rs.2 Lacks.
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