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Kfc serves many delicious food menus for its Indian customers. KFC offers Snacks, Burgers, Wraps, Chicken, Rice, Desserts & Krushers in its stores. KFC introduce some new items such as Veg Longer, Smoky Grilled etc. You may find many Kfc stores in India city by city & almost all have same menu with different offers. Below is the common price list for Kfc menu in India. Price are almost same within most cities but there is slightly difference in price between some cities in India. Order Online with these price list.


Images Name Category Price
Image Product Name Category Price
6pc Smoky Wings Chicken Rs.165
15 Pc Smoky Grilled Wings Chicken Rs.349
15 Smoky Wings & 2 Pepsi Can Chicken Rs.399
Half n Half Chicken Rs.449
Half n Half Meal Chicken Rs.599
Dips Bucket – 12 Pcs* Chicken Rs.479
Triple Treat Chicken Rs.599
Chick & Share Chicken Rs.365
Chick & Share Bucket + 3 Pepsi Chicken Rs.445
8 Pc Hot & Crispy* Chicken Rs.630
6 Pc Hot & Crispy* Chicken Rs.525
4 Pc Hot & Crispy* Chicken Rs.345
2 Pc Hot & Crispy* Chicken Rs.179
8 Pc Smoky Grilled Chicken Rs.630
6 Pc Smoky Grilled Chicken Rs.525
4 Pc Smoky Grilled Chicken Rs.345
Friendship Bucket Chicken Rs.585
Smoky Duo Bucket Meal Chicken Rs.465
Duo Bucket Meal Chicken Rs.449
Mingles Bucket* Chicken Rs.229
5 in 1 Zinger Box Burgers Rs.209
Chicken Zinger Burgers Rs.140
Veg Zinger Burgers Rs.125
Smoky Wings Rice Bowl Rice Bowlz Rs.150
Smoky Wings Rice Bowl & Pepsi Rice Bowlz Rs.199
Smoky Rice Bowl. Rice Bowlz Rs.149
Chicken Rice Bowl. Rice Bowlz Rs.120
Veg Rice Bowl* Rice Bowlz Rs.120
5 in 1 – Rice Box Rice Bowlz Rs.209
Smoky Rice Bowl & Pepsi. Rice Bowlz Rs.185
Chicken Rice Bowl & Pepsi. Rice Bowlz Rs.155
Veg Rice Bowl & Pepsi Rice Bowlz Rs.155
3 Pc Boneless Strips* Snacks Rs.120
6 Pc Boneless Strips* Snacks Rs.205
4pc Hot Wings* Snacks Rs.120
2 Pc Hot & Crispy* Snacks Rs.179
4 Pc Hot & Crispy* Snacks Rs.345
1 Pc Hot & Crispy* Snacks Rs.95
Large Popcorn Snacks Rs.180
2 Pc Smoky Grilled Snacks Rs.179
4 Pc Veg Strips* Snacks Rs.110
1 Pc Smoky Grilled Snacks Rs.95
Strawberry Swirl Beverages Rs.125
Choco Lash Beverages Rs.125
Alphonso Burst Beverages Rs.119
Pepsi. Beverages Rs.60
Pepsi Can Beverages Rs.25

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