Tez Mobile Payment App Featured By Google

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Tez App

Google has launched a new Mobile Payment app for in India to support Cashless India. The app name is Tez. This app have some very exciting feature which no other app in the market haves plus it have exciting offer which is describe bellow.
Tez App as the name “Tez” means fast in English is an Hindi word it which gives two message in one words that it is for fast and Only for Indians. This app is very light waited and easy to use. This app will become a milestone for cashless India.

Why to use Tez App?

There are Lots of options in market for Mobile payments but Tez app have major advantage is that mobile directly connected to your bank and its free. Send money to your family and relatives direct to bank. Pay to restaurant, shopping malls, Cabs and everywhere else direct from bank account.

Tez App Features

  1. Directly pay from your Bank account.
  2. Secure Payment with Tez Shield.
  3. Pay nearby Use Cash Mode to send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details.
  4. Tez Launch for Android and IOS both platform.
  5. Separate business portal for online companies to integrate as sellers to accept Tez payments
  6. ₹ 1,00,000 and 20 transaction limit one day* .
  7. Earn Up to ₹ 9000 by referring to to your friends and family, transfer this earn money to your bank for free.

Problems with Tez App

As when There are many benefits of Tez it is suffering from some Issues also.

  1. Installation slow.
  2. OTP is not coming.
  3. Problem in adding Bank account.
  4. Cannot install on rooted devices.

Cause of most issues

  • As the app is new and lunched by GOOGLE every one ran towards app due to GOOGLE market Reputation, its exciting features and offers. This cause high traffic on the its back-end which cause its slow Installation and OTP is not coming on time.
  • In installation of app linking to your bank is essential step so it need to request to bank API to get required information from bank server which some time take longer then expectation causes Problem in adding bank account.
  • Google give security reasons for not supported on rooted devices of this app.

All these issues will solved as the time passes Google is working very hard to improve users experiences

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